What are reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses?

What is the difference between a reimbursable expense (such as client requested extra prints) and non-reimbursable expenses (such as normal in-house printing for the firm's production processes)?

For your company's in-house expenses that are not project-specific, it is recommended that you create an internal overhead project in Core and track all your overhead expenses against it. Project-specific expenses should be logged against their respective projects and made billable to the client. There are many reports in Core that show project-specific expenses and company overhead expenses.

In Core , we have a 'Reimbursable' check box in the Expense Items and Expense Entries screens that should not be confused with the client reimbursable expenses. This check box is used to track employee reimbursable expenses. They may or may not be billable to the client.

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