Vendor time and expenses in Core

Core lets you track time (hours) and expenses for your vendors. If you choose to track hours for vendors, you can create their profile on the Vendors screen and select the type; then set the Bill Rate and Cost Rate (what you are paying your vendors on an hourly basis). Check the Core Help for details.

You also have an option to set Bill Rates and Cost Rates for your vendors on a project basis. For that, create special rates for them using the Fee Schedule feature. You can also bill the vendor hours and expenses on an invoice for your hourly jobs or track vendor hours for fixed fee jobs (for job costing). 

Core also gives you the ability to pull vendor time (hours) and expenses on a vendor bill if you need to pay your vendors based on the time and expenses charged by them on a project. This is done by importing and linking those entries with the vendor bill. You can then pay the vendor from the Bill Payments screen. Check the Core Help for details.

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