Indirect costs and overheads in Core

How are indirect costs and overheads allocated to projects in Core?

Indirect costs (overheads, etc.) are allocated to projects in Core in the following way:

  1. Create a service (activity) and an expense item in Core that will be used for indirect costs. Typically, you can use GEN:Admin, OVH:Admin, etc. for the services (time entry) and GEN:Expense, ADMIN:Expense, etc. for the expense tracking.
  2. Create a client record for your own company, say BQE.
  3. Create as many projects as needed and then associate them to the client you just created (that is, your company).
  4. For each project, change the Contract Type to Overhead.
  5. Start using the service and expense items you created when you log your time and expense entries on any overheads or indirect costs.


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