Tracking overhead time and expenses

In many companies, you might want to track internal activities and overhead expenses like administrative expenses, training, research, marketing costs, etc.  In Core, time and expenses flow to the project, allowing you to track utilization of all employees and, billable and non-billable expenses – whether you incur them for a revenue project or an in-house overhead project.

An overhead project will require you to set up your company as a ‘client’ and then assign the overhead project to it.

To track overhead time and expenses:

  1. In the Clients screen, set up a client record for your company, say ‘BQE’.
  2. In the Projects screen, set up a project for general office expenses, say ‘Overheads’.
  3. Assign the client ‘BQE’ to this project.
  4. Next, assign the owner/principal/manager of your firm (whoever checks and approves general office time and expense) as the Manager.
  5. Select Overhead as the contract Type and set the Status to ‘Active’.

This triggers a business rule to flag all time and expenses charged to an Overhead project as non-billable. Now you can record your time and expense entries against this ‘Overheads’ project with any general office activities and expenses.

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