Setting up home country and currency

The Core company is based in one country, say Dubai (UAE), and wants to set up the company file with UAE as the home country and currency. However, most of its users are in another country, say Canada. So the owner wants them to see everything in the Canadian regional settings. How can something like this be achieved in Core? 

The Core owner needs to keep UAE as the home country and UAE Dirham as the currency upon sign up or in the Company Profile screen (company menu > Settings). These company settings are the same for all Core users, whether in UAE or Canada, and determine the default currency amount, multiplier and symbols used at relevant places (say, in Expense Entries), in taxes codes and on reports. 

This selection can be overwritten at the employee (and vendor) level from the respective screens if you want your Canadian users to log in and enter expenses in the Canadian Dollar (CAD). However, if you want them to have the Canadian regional settings for just date and number format, then they need to configure Canada as the country in their User Profile (company menu > View Profile). This ensures that while the company database records all the transactions in UAE Dirham (AED), Canadian users see the data as per their regional settings upon login. 

Check out this article for details.

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