Malware blocker gives warning about CORE

Users at time receive warnings that pop-ups are being blocked within CORE.

Malware blockers are designed to protect your system from potentially harmful software and malicious websites. However, they can sometimes block legitimate pop-ups or notifications as well. Here are a few reasons why your malware blocker might be blocking notifications or pop-ups in CORE:

  1. Ad Blockers: Some malware blockers include ad-blocking features. While these features can help prevent annoying advertisements, they might also block legitimate pop-ups that are part of the CORE functionality. As an example, all reports generated in CORE are displayed as pop-ups, making it necessary to allow pop-ups from the CORE website.
  2. Scripts and Third-Party Cookies: Malware blockers might block pop-ups that are associated with tracking scripts or third-party cookies, even if they are not necessarily harmful. This is often done to protect user privacy. As an example, your malware might warn you about Pendo, though Pendo is not a malicious program. It is a tool that enables BQE to analyze customer usage patterns, make informed decisions about CORE product enhancements, and improve your overall in-app experience. Pendo has access to your interactions in CORE alone, not your computer or other sites you visit.
  3. Privacy Measures: Malware blockers often have default settings that are set to be very cautious to ensure maximum protection. These settings can sometimes classify harmless pop-ups as potential threats.

We take your privacy seriously. We want to assure you that CORE adheres to industry security standards and poses no threat to your data. Information collected by Pendo is used internally solely for the purpose of improving our product. We never sell your information to third parties, prioritizing your privacy and trust.

To address the issue of pop-ups being blocked in CORE by your malware blocker, you can try the following steps:

  1. Adjust Malware Blocker Settings: Review the settings of your malware blocker and adjust them to be less aggressive, if possible.
  2. Allow pop-ups for CORE: Consider adding the CORE website to the whitelist or exclusion list of your malware blocker.

Blocking Pendo or disabling the pop-ups does not affect the functionality of BQE CORE. If you choose to do so, please be aware that doing so might result in missing out on important announcements, notifications of feature updates, or reports preview. Check this article on enabling pop-ups for browsers.

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