Project Monitoring

In CORE, the project monitoring feature involves setting up automated alerts or notifications for specific project milestones. These alerts can be configured both from the Projects and Project Templates screen. This ensures that the alert configurations are inherited by projects when creating them from templates. You have the flexibility to manage when and how these alerts are triggered, and you can enable or disable notifications for each project, as needed. CORE accordingly sends out in-app or email notifications
when the milestone is reached.

Types of Project Notifications

There are two types of alerts that you can enable to receive notifications:

  • Approved Spent against Contract 
  • Approved Spent against Budget 

Project monitoring allows you to roll up phase and sub-phase amounts into the calculations of the parent project or choose to monitor on a phase by phase basis by excluding child phases. Note that you cannot turn on or batch-update project monitoring for multiple projects at once. To learn more about these alerts, check out the detailed descriptions available in Projects > Fields Descriptions > Monitoring.

Setting Up Alerts

Here are the main steps for setting up project monitoring in your CORE company:

  1. Navigate to the Projects screen: Open the Monitoring tab from the side menu > Projects > General screen.
  2. Enable/Disable Notifications: First, enable the toggle button to start receiving notifications. After enabling the notifications, choose how you would like to receive these notifications and also set up alert thresholds. 

Check out the Projects help for details on monitoring projects.

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