Custom mask for vendor Tax ID

User wants to send 1099-NEC form to both types of vendors (contract employees and vendors) from Core. However, the default mask of Tax ID for vendors is not correct in the Vendors screen and so it does not display properly on the form.

In order to handle sending 1099-NEC forms from Core to your contract employees and vendor companies, you have to customize the masking of  the Vendors > Tax ID  field to an 11-digit format in Global Settings > Custom Labels as AAAAAAAAAAA to accommodate the EIN/TIN/SSN numbers and the dashes in them.

This will allow you to type the dashes manually and they will become a part of the actual data stored in the database. You may want to go back and type in the dashes for already entered records, for example, 123-45-678 or 12-345678.


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