CORE AI Assistant

The CORE AI Assistant is available to assist you better with your application. This customGPT chatbot is powered by OpenAI + ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI platform that aims to improve the overall user engagement and experience. It processes our help center and API documentation content with OpenAI to provide you with quick answers to questions in an an engaging, conversational style. As the technology improves, you will see continued improvements as it delivers tailored-response and personalized interaction to you. 

Characteristics of CustomGPT Chatbot

  • The new CORE AI Assistant is a probability-based system. It will also respond to simple questions, even if they are generic and not related to CORE. Example: If you ask it "What color is the sky?", it will respond even though our help content does not have this answer.
  • The CORE AI Assistant is indeterministic. So even though you ask it the same question and context, it can give different answers. 
  • Like most generative AI-based technology, it is recommended to fact-check the CORE AI Assistant responses by visiting the source articles. 

Using the CORE AI Assistant

To use the CORE AI Assistant, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Click on the CORE AI Assistant icon on any help center page or API Documentation site. (You can also access the CORE AI Assistant from the in-app CORE Resource Center.)

    chatbot icon.png

  2. Ask questions related to CORE. You can check the sample questions to get an idea how to interact with the CORE AI Assistant. You can ask full questions or enter keywords related to your questions.

    chatbot new.png

  3. You can check the source links at the bottom (1-5) and read the details in the help articles. Do note that at times the most accurate source might not necessarily be the first link.
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