Integrating QuickBooks desktop with CORE

Although CORE is a full accounting software, some QuickBooks users might want to continue using QuickBooks for their accounting and financial needs, while some might want to switch completely to CORE. In both cases, CORE allows data integration with QuickBooks Online from within CORE. In that case, you can switch from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online, and then integrate your data with CORE. Check out CORE Help Center for details.

The other option is to use the CORE-QuickBooks Desktop utility to sync with your QuickBooks desktop database. Check CORE Help Center for details on that.

Note: If you prefer not to perform the first-time integration yourself or want to transfer all the accounting data and detailed transactions to CORE, please contact your BQE Account Manager for our Custom Conversion Services.

Here are the steps outlining how to integrate your QuickBooks desktop data with CORE:

  1. Switch from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online and migrate your data into it. Alternatively, use the CORE-QuickBooks Desktop utility.
  2. Connect QuickBooks Online or Desktop to CORE.
  3. Specify sync settings.
  4. Sync data between CORE and QuickBooks Online/Desktop.
  5. Map or un-map data between the two databases.
  6. After you have finished the above process, we recommend verifying your data in CORE by checking the screens and running some reports.
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