Why should I switch to CORE?

Businesses are moving from the desktop-based solutions to cloud-based technology. While desktop products like BillQuick/ArchiOffice have served our clients very well, we are now taking full advantage of the latest cloud technologies, infrastructure and UX/UI experience to deliver a platform that is more powerful and intuitive. BQE CORE is the next logical step to all existing BQE products. It includes all the major features from our existing products and introduces many new features that are not available in any of them. Also, the fact that BQE CORE is based on modern API platform presents endless opportunities for future integrations with all popular applications and platforms. CORE leverages the fastest performance-driven database and provides seamless integration with third-party vendors.

We recommend you to start by creating a 15-day free trial and see if it is a good fit for your company. As your current licenses and subscriptions from existing BQE applications are transferable anytime, we recommend reaching out to your Sales Account Manager to discuss your migration options (call 310-602-4010 or email sales@bqe.com).

Please check out this comparison chart that shows the differences in the features between CORE and our legacy products. Check CORE Help Center for details on its features and benefits.

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