How do I switch to CORE?

Existing BQE users are provided with a no-obligation, free 15-day trial to test CORE with their existing data. You have an option to discontinue the trial or move permanently to CORE at the end of 15 days. If you decide to switch to CORE, BQE offers credits for its existing users that are redeemable toward the purchase of any CORE subscription package. These credits are calculated on the basis of remaining time on any existing BQE product subscription and are valid for a specific period. Please contact your Sales Account Manager for details. 

Our Data Migration Team can transfer your company data into CORE. If you are an existing BQE customer, our Data Migration Team can move your existing BillQuick, ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice, BillQuick Online, and ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice Online data to the cloud. All company data including master lists, budgets, fee schedules, invoices, payments, checks, deposits, etc. will be moved to CORE. On the successful completion of data migration, you are provided with immediate access to the application and are not required to perform any further setup.

BQE offers Data Migration Services for a nominal fee. Please call us at 310-602-4010 or email at Check CORE Help for details.


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