Can I evaluate CORE on a trial basis?

Yes. You can sign up for CORE on a 15-day trial period and explore all its features, including access to various industry-specific sample databases. Please note that the sample database is reset on a daily basis. We do not ask for any credit card information and do not turn off any features while you are trying out the application. All we need is your name and email address. Click here to start your free trial.

Anytime during your trial period, you can subscribe to the paid version. If you do not sign up within this period, your account is deactivated. All the users will be locked out of the system, except for the owner of the account. The owner is able to go into the account and reactivate the subscription. We retain your data for 60 days. After that, your data will be deleted and we will have no way to recover it. Check CORE Help for details.

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