Can I send invoices to a different address than the client?

My company works on various projects for various clients. By default, Core invoices are sent to the client address. Can I send invoices to a different address than the client address?

Core does allow you to send invoices to a different client contact address. Each client in Core can have an unlimited number of contacts linked to it. If you set any contact as the 'primary' contact of the client, invoices are addressed to this person instead of the client.

To add a client contact, check Add Client Contacts for details.
You can also keep a different contact per project and let Core send the invoices to this project contact instead of the client contact. To do so:
  1. Open the Projects screen and select the relevant project from the list.
  2. In the detail view, go to the General > Details tab and select a Billing Contact for this project.
  3. Check the option 'Send Invoice to Contact' and click Save. The invoices for this project will use the address of the selected contact instead.
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